Saturday, May 07, 2011

Let's D-D-R!

There are two problems with Wii Fit. It's boring and you have long delays between different events as you navigate all the menus. The mini games are neat the first few times but get tiresome fast. Even now after a year break I just can't get into it. But I do want to build up some sort of stamina so I can consider some sort of physical activity in the future. I'm thinking maybe an exercise bike or something of that sort so I can watch Star Trek while building endurance. But for now... Dance Dance Revolution!

I plugged my pad back in after at least a year off there, too. I hit random and forgot that I wouldn't get to change the difficulty setting after the song was chosen. (In the arcade you get to see the song first since the difficulty varies drastically song to song even at the same setting.) I was on the 3rd difficulty setting and actually ended up perfecting it. My first AA result in the game and it came after more than a year off. It turned out the song was only a 5 difficulty (out of 10) but still, pretty sweet. And then two songs later I couldn't stand anymore I was so exhausted. Endurance definitely needs work. And to think, I don't have anyone to hit me with a sword...

BMI: 21.68 (-.41)
Wii Fit Age: 27 (+1)

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