Friday, May 27, 2011

Blockbuster Bankrupt?!?

I found out today that Blockbuster has apparently gone bankrupt. In an attempt to get back on their feet they're closing down about a fifth of all stores in Canada and liquidating all of their stock. I went to a nearby location which is closing down over lunch today and everything in the store is 30% off. Old movies, newer movies, TV series, candy, video games... You name it, they're selling it. The one I went to had a new Wii down at something like $130.

Now, Sky will say that buying things just because they're on sale is silly and I had to hold myself back from picking up all sorts of things in the store but I did end up getting a bunch of stuff regardless. I picked up 3 of the movies used in The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt book. I'd been actively looking to get National Treasure 2 in movie bargain bins and getting it for less than $5 seems good. (The other two were National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code.) I also went shopping in their video game section. I got a new PS2 controller (I bought my PS2 used and the controller it came with is functional but a little gummy.) I picked up Portal 2 which I would have bought at full price if I'd been to a store recently since Portal was just that good. And I got Overlord II which I have heard nothing about. I really enjoyed playing the original Overlord though, and it was cheap before the 30% off, so probably a worthwhile purchase.

My only worry there is I think a lot of the enjoyment from playing the original Overlord came from living with Pounder and Mark and watching them play it at the same time. Living on my own has removed that aspect of console gaming (seeing how other people approach the same challenges in a game) which I think is probably a big part of why I've slowed down playing games on consoles.

At any rate if you live in Canada you should consider clicking the link to see if any nearby Blockbusters are liquidating near you. You may find a great deal on something you want. Or you may just find a 'deal' on something you don't need but get convinced to impulse buy... Woo?

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