Saturday, May 21, 2011

Final Fantasy XI: Reputation

I finished the rep grinds for the 3 starting towns today (and by extension also for Jeuno since it's the average of those 3). I was thinking about how frustrating it was that the way I ended up doing it was to fill my inventory with stuff I bought from a vendor, going to another town, and turning it in to a quest giver for almost as much as I paid for it. There are all these quests in all the towns that I could have done instead but this was the fastest and easiest way. It also turns out there aren't nearly enough quests in the game to max out the reputations with just normal quests. You have to do some sort of repeatable quest over and over again. Some repeatable quests require zoning between doing them which is annoying but the ones I did didn't so it just involved a couple hours of trading junk over and over. (I've been watching BSG and just hitting the button in the background.)

When it comes right down to it though, is it actually worse than what went on in World of Warcraft or does it just have an uglier face? How many WoW rep grinds involved doing the same quests over and over for weeks at a time? And there you could only do them once per day! Not once per time in the zone or once per clicking the button... Once per day! You couldn't even get into a groove actually doing the same thing over and over. No, every day you had to fly to all sorts of different quest hubs and do the same quests day after day after day. And yet still I did it. Over and over again. Huh.

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