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Monday, June 12, 2006

Quest Chains for Dire Maul

Lethtendris's Web
Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordin
(Moonglade, level 56) A Reliquary of Purity -> Shards of the Felvine

Elven Legends

The Madness Within

Tier 0 drop locations

For quickish reference, here are the names of the bosses that drop the tier-0 set pieces we need.

Tier 0 drops
HeadDarkmaster GandlingDarkmaster GandlingDarkmaster GandlingDarkmaster GandlingDarkmaster Gandling
ShoulderGizrul the SlavenerSolakar FlamewreathCannon Master WilleyGythWarchief Rend Blackhand
ChestGeneral DrakkisathGeneral DrakkisathGeneral DrakkisathGeneral DrakkisathGeneral Drakkisath
WristBoE from Strat/Scholo?BoE from StratBoE from Scholo/Strat?BoE from Strat/Scholo?BoE from BRS
HandsBoE from BRSArchivist GalfordShadow Hunter Vosh'gajinPyroguard EmberseerRamstein the Gorger
WaistBoE from Scholo/BRS?BoE from BRSBoE from BRSBoE from LBRSBoE from Strat/LBRS
LegsBaron RivendareBaron RivendareBaron RivendareBaron RivendareBaron Rivendare
FeetMother SmolderwebMaleki the PallidRattlegoreHighlord OmokkKirtonos the Herald

Wrist, gloves, and waist are all BoE, and mostly drop from random trash in some zones.