Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Fantasy II: Leeching XP

I got to the next dungeon and used the goddess bell from the previous dungeon to get in. Cowering just behind the locked door was Gordon. He starts off by saying he's far too weak to fight the monsters in the dungeon. But he got behind the locked door so he must know his way around, right? No, when a party member asks him as much he confesses he doesn't have a clue since there are lots of secret passages and such in the dungeon. But despite being useless in combat and worthless as a guide he asks to tag along anyway. We're suckers so we say yes. It would have been nice to know you could open the door before Josef sacrificed himself getting us a key though.

It turns out he wasn't lying about being terrible in combat either. He has no spells so he must be a bruiser. Only problem there is he started with about 8% of the max health that my bruiser did. Just about the only thing he has going for him is he got killed while blinded so it was gone when I brought him back to life. (I really need to buy esuna at some point.) Now that I think about it that's not such a bad idea. I think it may be time to light Bung on fire so I can bring him back to life without blindness too!

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