Saturday, May 14, 2011

Final Fantasy II: Dead Dead

One of the weirdest things about the Final Fantasy series is which actions are really fatal and which ones can be shrugged off completely with a high enough level white mage. In FFII you have 3 main characters and then a 4th slot with a rotating array of dudes filling in. I just had Josef filling in. He's just a mediocre monk. At one point he got blinded which made him a really, really mediocre monk. So I had everyone attack him until he was dead. Then I cast life and brought him back, sans blind. (I should probably find out where esuna is sold and go buy it so I don't need to resort to such silliness.) At the end of the dungeon a bad guy springs a trap which drops a giant boulder on us. It rolls down the stairs and Josef throws himself in front of it to slow it down. The rest of the party escapes, he gets rolled over. But I still have the life spell, so he should be fine, right? Not so. Getting hacked to bits by an axe? No problem. Get squished by a rock? GG my friend.

I am now just outside the ice cave having gotten the Goddess Bell. It has taken me 3 hours and 35 minutes to reach this point. My black mage could use some more maximum mana but beyond that all my stats still seem quite overpowered for the monsters I'm fighting.

BMI: 21.98 (-0.05)
Wii Fit Age: 31 (+2)

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