Monday, May 22, 2006

Mail with +damage

Head : Carrion Scorpid Helm +26dam/heal, king in DM North
Head : Coif of The Five Thunders +14dam/heal, 1%crit, 0.5 set
Neck : Orb of the Darkmoon +22dam/heal, faire
Shoulder : Denwatcher's Shoulders +18dam/heal, guards in DM North
Chest : Vest of The Five Thunders +14dam/heal. 1%crit, 0.5 set
Belt : Barrage Girdle +23dam/heal, cannon master in live strat
Legs : Silvermoon Leggings +18dam/heal, prince in DM west
Feet : Greaves of Withering Despair +11dam/heal, 1%hit, interrogator in BRD
Wrist : Modest Armguards +12dam/heal, guards in DM north
Hands : Dracorian Gauntlets +16dam/heal, baron in strat
Ring : Don Mauricio's Band of Domination +11dam/heal, 1%crit, gandling in scholo
Ring : Maiden's Circle +18dam/heal, BoE world blue
Trinket : Briarwood Reed +29dam/heal, Jed (rare) in UBRS
Trinket : Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas +23dam/heal, DM
Back : Crystalline Threaded Cape +20dam/heal, BoE blue from elemental summoning in Silithus
Shield : Draconian Aegis of the Legion +20dam/heal, 0.5 quest spawn in UBRS

Quest Chains for Sunken Temple

(Feralas) The Sunken Temple ->> Into the Depths
(Get the egg chained from ZF) The God Hakkar
Pool of Tears ->>> The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
(Un'goro Crater) Larion and Muigin ->> Zapper Fuel


Most if not all classes have a level 50 minimum quest that ends in Sunken Temple. Make sure you do the prereqs for it. (Your class trainer should point you towards them.)