Monday, May 02, 2011

Final Fantasy XI: Gobbiebags!

Your inventory size in FFXI starts capped at 30 including gear worn which is definitely not enough space. There is a series of 10 quests which add 5 more slots to your inventory. (They also add 5 slots to each of two different mog house storage types as well.) The quests are all pretty much the same. Get a level of reputation with Jeuno (actually the average of your reputation with the three starting towns) and then trade 4 items to a goblin in Lower Jeuno. The 4 items are always a piece of leather, a metal ingot, some cloth, and a precious gem. These items can be obtained in a variety of ways: crafting, BCNM drops, vendors, and the AH. I did the first in the series recently by buying the items on the AH but I suspect I could have saved a couple thousand gil by buying one of the items from a vendor on the other side of the world. I figure I should look up where everything else comes from since I'm going to want bigger bags again and I might as well buy low if I can. And maybe I can actually makes some moneys selling this stuff on the AH if I actually find a cheap source of them.

Gobbiebag I - fame 3
Dhalmel Leather - level 34 goblin, leathercraft (21), AH 4500g
Steel Ingot - many BCNMs, smithing (55), smithing guild vendor ~4000g?, AH 5000g
Linen Cloth - level 46 revenant, clothcraft (22), AH 4000g
Peridot - many BCNMs, goldsmithing (20HQ), many coffers, a quest, AH 7000g

Gobbiebag II - fame 4
Ram Leather - leathercraft (35), AH 5000g
Mythril Ingot - many BCNMs, smithing (38), AH 7000g
Wool Cloth - level 8 goblin, level 63 ghost, a BCNM, clothcraft (37), AH 5000g
Turquiose - many BCNMs, goldsmithing (20HQ), many coffers, a quest, AH 10000g

Gobbiebag III - fame 5
Tiger Leather - level 34 goblin, leathercraft (61), AH 7000g
Gold Ingot - level 52 goblin, many BCNMs, goldsmithing (51), AH 22000g
Velvet Cloth - level 50 goblin, ANNM, clothcraft (45), AH 5000g
Painite - level 55 pot, many BCNMs, many coffers, a quest, goldsmithing (20HQ2), AH 50000g

Gobbiebag IV - fame 5
Cermet Chunk - chocobo hot and cold, a quest, alchemy (56), AH 2000g
Darksteel Ingot - many BCNMs, smithing (52), AH 8000g
Silk Cloth - 2 BCNMs, clothcraft (53), AH 5000g
Goshenite - 2 BCNMs, many coffers, a quest, goldsmithing (20HQ), 5000g

Gobbiebag V - fame 6
Bugard Leather - leathercraft (24), AH 2000g
Paktong Ingot - smithing (20), AH 10000g
Moblinweave - ISNM, chocobo hot and cold, clothcraft (23), AH 28000g
Rhodonite - goldsmithing (20), AH 5000g

Gobbiebag VI - fame 6
High-Qualify Eft Skin - level 35 eft, level 77 eft, AH 2000g
Shakudo Ingot - level 47 samurai, level 57 ninja, AH 1000g
Balloon Cloth - level 47 thief, level 57 ranger, AH 1000g
Iolite - level 66 ghost, level 78 ghost, AH 2000g

Gobbiebag VII - fame 7
Lynx Leather - leathercraft (71), AH 6000g
Adaman Ingot - many BCNMs, smithing (90), AH 10000g
Rainbow Cloth - many BCNMs, clothcraft (80), AH 10000g
Deathstone - a BCNM, a quest, goldsmithing (20HQ3), AH 10000g

Gobbiebag VIII - fame 7
Smilodon Leather - leathercraft (61), AH 15000g
Electrum Ingot - goldsmithing (42), AH 50000g
Square of Cilice - clothcraft (85), AH 10000g
Angelstone - a BCNM, 2 quests, goldsmithing (20HQ3), AH 20000g

Gobbiebag IX - fame 8
Peiste Leather - leathercraft (81), AH 30000g
Orichalcum Ingot - many BCNMs, a mission, goldsmithing (89), AH 40000g
Oil-Soaked Cloth - clothcraft (78), AH 26000g
Oxblood Orb - bonecraft (74), a mission, AH 10000g

Gobbiebag X - fame 9
Griffon Leather - leathercraft (97), davoi token vendor?, AH 120000g
Molybdenum Ingot - a mission, smithing (91), AH 15000g
Foulard - a mission, clothcraft (98), AH 60000g
Angel Skin Orb - a mission, bonecraft (???), AH 7000g

Apparently there is a quest to get the starting few gems. It rewards 2 gems, unclear if it is random or if you get to choose from a list. The quest takes place in the shadowrealm but looks to be low level. I already have the item needed! I guess I need to look further into campaigns and the shadowrealm.

I'm also pretty amazed at the price difference between tiers. Gobbiebag VI is practically free! I can probably afford number II soon, but unless I get a painite from the quest there's no way I can do III. Even if I do get a painite from the quest I may well just sell it off regardless... But I need more space!

I may also try farming that level 8 goblin who has a 5k drop and see if the drop rate is any good.

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