Sunday, May 29, 2011

League of Legends: Season One Regional Qualifier

I woke up this morning around 1pm and booted up League of Legends. Someone in the game was commenting in all chat about a game they were watching live, seemingly showing more interest in that game than the one we were playing. It turns out Riot (the company which makes LoL) has been running a big qualifier tournament this weekend to send people to Dreamhack in Sweden to play in a $100000 tournament. They've been streaming all the games live so I opened that up. There's a fair amount of downtime between games while they ban heroes and draft and such. So, I figured I'd go craft in FFXI. Only problem is I last logged out with my 100% xp buff up and I'd lose a lot of free experience if I just stood around crafting. So I threw up my looking for group flag and almost instantly got a group. (Turns out a level 21 RDM/WHM is in high demand since they can be synched down to and they can heal or they can do damage or they can do anything you want because they're awesome.) At any rate I used up that buff and didn't see a reason to stop so I put up another. And another. But then that group fell apart and I had a buff up... So I had to find a new group. When everything was said and done I'd gained 14 levels up to 35 and am now well positioned to try some of the BCNM fights assuming I go buy new spells like gravity.

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