Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger? More like bogger!

Blogger died yesterday due to a buggy patch. In the roll-back they lost posts and comments from late Wednesday and Thursday and failed to let me post at all on Thursday. When they finally got it back today (Friday) the eventually posted my Wednesday post as if it was on Friday. Now, I take an irrational amount of pride in posting every single day. When I get thrown off that rhythm I tend to fall off the wagon entirely as indicated by my three week gap to end February and start March. I missed a day because my internet connection went down for 16+ hours and then I just stopped posting. I'd failed so there was no point continuing.

I did discover a feature, however, that lets me change the posted date on my posts. I was able to re-date the skill chains post as being from Wednesday. I was able to post my FFII update that I wrote on Thursday and date it as if it was posted on Thursday. Theoretically I could sit down, pound out 20ish posts, and eliminate that gap in March. That feels like cheating, though. I'm all about stretching the boundaries but that just feels like it blows them away. On the other hand, if I'd known about the feature at the time I think I'd have been ok with writing the post with no internet and then backdating it when I got online. I certainly feel ok about fixing the last two days. I thought I'd check the National Blog Posting Month wesbite but it doesn't seem like anyone there got affected or cared enough to post about it. Oh well. I have a feeling they'd consider it cheating for sure no matter how I did it so maybe I should undo what I did.

Meh. I think my policy is just going to be if I actually write it on a given day but can't actually post it for some reason then it's ok to backdate it. If it just isn't written then I lose. I hate to lose... Better keep writing!

Oh, and I decided that the silly Wii Fit stats are too volatile for daily tracking. So what I'm posting is a 7 day average and it's getting compared to the average of the 7 days prior to those 7 days. Huzzah!

BMI: 21.94 (-0.2)
Wii Fit Age: 32 (2)

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Sthenno said...

Wii Fit Age is really, really volatile.