Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year, An Old Resolution

Once upon a time, almost exactly 2 years ago, I decided to start up a blog about gaming and gambling. It was a New Year's resolution to see how long I could go blogging every day. Turns out, the answer was 5 days, which is not exactly awe inspiring. Even worse I stopped updating even sporadically in a couple months. The only posts I ended up making were quest chains for horde dungeons for my World of Warcraft group to use to prepare for playing once a week.

I reread the few posts I did make earlier today and they actually brought back memories. I'd never have remembered colluding with Byung to try to kill 25 zombies if I hadn't written it down, and it made me chuckle. Most of the posts were duds, but the occasional good post makes me want to start things up again. Couple that with a desire to inspire some friends to go to the World Boardgaming Championships next year and a wish to try out this new Gleemax thing and restarting a blog seems like a great resolution for this new year.

I haven't read much about Gleemax, so maybe this won't be permanent, or searchable, or readable, so I'm going to start out double-posting things on my old blog which appears to be timeless.

Similar to two years ago I also intend to take up only gambling, only this time I'm mostly interested in backgammon, though I have been reading up on poker and playing some freerolls to stretch those gaming muscles again.

Well, enough intro babble for today. I'll work something up to post in the new year before I go to sweet sweet sleep. After a game of DotA, anyway!