Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blockbuster Redux

I got up 'this morning' at 4:30pm, played a couple games of League of Legends, and then headed out to the Blockbuster on Lawrence to see if they had anything interesting to pick up. It turned out to be about a 35 minute walk away so it was decent exercise on top of finding lots of good deals. I also noticed that I appeared to be walking through a Jewish neighbourhood (look at me, reading the names of schools!) and was reminded of a conversation on Facebook about getting Coke made with sugar instead of glucose/fructose and decided to hit the Metro beside the Blockbuster as well. They ended up having both Coke with sugar and packets of Kool-Aid so that part of the trip was a resounding success. (The cashier was a little quizzical when she saw the stack of 60 Kool-Aid packets...)

Blockbuster was a big success too. For some reason it turns out that Blockbuster also sold books. I think they're all books that had been turned into movies (or vice versa) but they had a couple I'd been thinking about reading. Still 30% off! So I now have The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. I also got the second season of The Mentalist (I guess I should find the first one now?). For movies I got Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to fit into my marathon, Zombieland because Andrew keeps telling me I have to watch it, Braveheart because it's awesome, Independance Day on Blu-Ray in case I get my desktop fixed for July 4th, and the sweetest find of all time (or at least of today) Ocean's 11. The first one, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

I also got a game, Dead Rising 2. Now, the original Dead Rising is the game I came closest to getting every achievement for. (I even killed the 53,594 zombies in one playthrough.) My roommate Mark's 360 red-ringed on him before I got the last couple and I never got around to finishing off the last 6 achievements I needed. But the game was awesome and I've wanted to play the sequel. So cheap price plus 30% off? How can I go wrong? The only real problem is I now have 3 new 360 games I want to play that aren't Final Fantasy games.

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