Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Consolidating Power

I got a game of Battlestar Gallactica on the weekend. Typically the same characters get used every game so Byung and I wanted to shake things up by doing random by class. We got vetoed but put our own twists on getting new characters into the game. I've been rewatching the show recently and chose my favourite character from the show despite him being very weak in the game... Colonel Saul Tigh! He rarely gets played since he's pretty low on the admiral chain of command. Normally I'd be afraid someone would take Adama afterwards to have an actual good character as admiral and I'd be sitting around with no title and no ability to fly in space. I decided I didn't care this time and it turned out no one else took a military leader anyway so I got to start as admiral. Now, Tigh's once per game ability lets him give the president title to the admiral and one turn before the mid point of the game I had absolutely nothing good to do. Possibly I should have tried to throw Duncan out an air lock but instead I decided to grab more power and declared martial law. Duncan then revealed as a cylon and threw our CAG in the brig, knocking that title to Byung who was playing Boomer. Then we jumped and made it to distance 4, causing Byung to be thrown in the brig by his character's drawback. Next in line for CAG? Saul Tigh. So I managed to be Admiral President CAG Colonel Saul Tigh. Woo!

We ended up losing on the final die roll (50-50 chance!) but it was fun regardless of outcome. At one point we had something like 14 cylon raiders attacking Byung in space without managing to hit him. (Turns out we had a lot of reroll cards saved up!)

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