Friday, March 10, 2006

Star Wars : Empire At War

I like real-time strategy games, I like empire building games, and I like Star Wars, so it seemed worthwhile to pick up a copy of this game. I haven't had much time to play it yet, but the very first mission for the Empire features Darth Vader as one of your units. Picture a Jim Raynor from Starcraft except make him completely and utterly invincible and allow him to one shot most things, and that's Vader.

Not too surprising, you know, considering he's DARTH VADER, but it kinda takes a bit of the challenge away. Of course, it is the first mission so the challenge is really "Can you click on your units, move them in the general vicinity of the enemies, and maybe click attack?"

The downside is I haven't lost Vader yet, and he's still as dominating now. Not exactly invincible but he's easy enough to heal.

Quest Chains for Uldaman

Quest Chains for Razorfen Downs

Quest Chains for Scarlet Monastery