Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SolForge: Drafting!

I haven't played SolForge in quite some time but I just caught wind on Facebook that the servers are currently down for a big patch. The patch is bringing in 24 new cards, a bunch of balance changes, an iPad version, and drafting. Yay, drafting!

Drafting in Sol Forge sounds like a mix between Hearthstone and Magic. You open a pack of 6 cards, keep one, and 'pass' the rest on. The draft is a solo experience so you don't need to wait for other people to start drafting but other people do impact what you get passed. Not in the sense that you get what some specific other person passed on... Instead the game generates a 6 card pack and removes one of the cards from that pack based on historical drafting trends from other players. So you should end up with a similar experience in terms of getting 'stuck' with bad cards towards the end of a pack without needed to actually have other people kicking around and making choice along with you. It's also set up such that once you have cards from two of the four colour you only ever see cards of those two colours for the rest of the draft. You play every card you draft so they really couldn't stick you with a third colour without breaking the rules of the game.

Games get played out whenever you want to play and you get paired with a random person with the same current draft record. You get to play three games and can play them back to back to back or spread out over weeks. Then you get to keep the drafted cards and you get prizes based on your record. The claim is the prizes will be sufficient to cover going 'infinite' while drafting if you're good enough. You can also earn draft tickets through the daily rewards so starting tomorrow I'm going to have to start logging in again to scoop up daily rewards in the hopes of getting some draft tickets.

Draften und spielen, ja? JA!

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