Monday, December 02, 2013

Path of Exile: Challenge Update

We're a little over one month in to the four month Path of Exile league season. There are 8 challenge achievements that I posted about and if you get all 8 of them done you win a t-shirt. Free shirt! I've now played enough of the game to have an idea for how rough these things will actually be...

Kill Rare Monsters - I'm currently at 186 of 188 here and the last two aren't hard. I'm sure I'll stumble across them eventually and if it comes down to it I can just farm the zones they spawn in until I get them. They can also spawn in end game maps. So I expect I'll just end up with this one and it's easy to grind out regardless.

Touch These Shrines - I've touched all 17 different shrines and have this challenge done. It just required playing a bunch in the domination league. It seemed a little hard while I was grouping with people since I never touched any shrines because I stand in the back but I started playing alone and they all showed up in no time. A couple are pretty rare but just playing a bunch will have them show up.

Slay the Nemeses - I've done 21 of 22 here. The last one is apparently really rare but picking it up means just playing a bunch on the nemesis league. It's a hardcore league and I stopped playing when my character died but it feels like this one will be easy to get if I just play more in that league.

Reach level 65 - I'm at 1 of 7 here. Getting the rest will also be easy, especially with all the lowbie uniques we keep finding. Probably a week or two to do it, mind, but definitely viable.

Own these Unique Items - I have 21 of 65 here, but I'm not nearly as close at that seems. I found a website that compiles sale posts from the main message boards and went through pricing them all out. These were mostly buyout prices so are really an upper bound. Buyouts still listed rate to be higher than the actual market value of these things should I be actually working on buying them. That said, all of the items look to be around 7700 chaos orbs in value. The ones I have are worth 326 and that's cheating a little since I got a 200 chaos orb valued flask as a race reward. The rest of my stuff is probably worth a couple hundred, plus whatever my maps are worth. So I'm nowhere near getting it all. This one scares me, but I think there's a lot of money to be made on drops from the really high maps. Plus some of these are bound to actually drop for me at some point.

Kill these Unique Bosses - I'm at 81 of 116. A couple that I'm missing are randomly spawning rogue exiles and most of them are high end map bosses. I'm pretty sure if I keep playing for the next couple months I will get one copy of all the maps and kill all those bosses. The rogue exiles I just need to hope will show up? There are 11 total and I run into one every couple days; I just need the right ones to show up. Probably doable.

Use these Currency Items - I have used 19 of 23. The four I haven't used are the really expensive ones, but combined they aren't even close in value to, say, a Soul Taker unique. I expect to actually find a reason to use everything at some point but if I don't it's trivial to do just for kicks,

Items from Vendor Recipes - I have 30 of 33 done here. The last three are to crush 40% of quality maps into a chisel (easy to pick up at some point) to crush a level 20 gem (something I plan to do in a couple weeks when I finally get a level 20 gem) and to crush a full set of 75+ rares into a regal orb. That last one will require me to get to a higher map tier but once there is easy. If I get the unique boss challenge this one will come along for the ride, and I expect to get that one.

Eight challenge achievements and seven of them now seem 'easy'. Owning all the listed uniques still feels daunting but at least it's 'just' making a bunch of money. One of the best ways to do that is to just play more! On it!

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