Friday, December 06, 2013

LCS Qualifiers

Starting yesterday and running through this weekend there have been a couple of near-pro level League of Legends tournaments running. One for Europe and one for North America. Six teams in each one which qualified through various other tournaments and are currently playing a round robin format. Top 3 teams advance to the next round which will take place in a couple weeks. Those will feature the 3 qualifier teams facing off against the bottom 3 teams from last season's big league in a single best of 5 match. Winner gets to be a pro team!

I've been watching the games the last couple days and while the casting has been a little suspect the games have been interesting. I haven't actually played any real games with the new big patch so it's been nice to see some high level games using the new items and such. Supports building death fire grasps and zhonya's hourglasses is a nice change of pace!

I believe a list of upcoming games can be found on Leaguepedia which Lino told me about today. I think it's been worth tuning in for the games.

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