Wednesday, December 04, 2013

2013 WBC Event Recaps

Recently the event recaps for this past year's World Boardgaming Championships have gone up on the webpage. I read all of the recaps every year. Events I played in, events I wanted to play in, events I have no intention to ever play... I read them all! Even the ones for certain wargames that might as well be speaking another language. I like finding out what the people in charge of those events found interesting about their events. Maybe I'll find something I'll want to pick up. (Like Ace of Aces which always sounds awesome!)

One of things that comes along with the event recaps is the status for the coming year. A Few Acres of Snow, alas, did not get the man hours to stay in the Century. Given that we didn't have enough copies of the game and had to turn away a fifth of the field I wasn't too surprised. It does make me a little sad but it could still get voted back in. I put it on my ballot! I don't think I'd volunteer to GM it again since I found the whole thing to be very stressful especially in the leadup to WBC but I still want it to be an event and I'd definitely play in it if it didn't conflict with something like Le Havre.

They also sent out an email this week talking about how they're making a small change to the pricing scheme for WBC. They're cutting off preregistration earlier this year and they're also increasing the cost if you pay at the door. My group pays for the next year while we're still at the current one (it's easier to use up US money at that time instead of fumbling with a way to pay in a different currency once we get back to Canada) so we're not hit by either of these changes. But it is something to keep in mind if you're someone who waits or hasn't made up their mind yet.

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