Tuesday, December 03, 2013

cMud: Terrible Store Interface

Back in October I started playing on the Aardwolf mud again. I was having fun playing and had managed to massage many of my old aliases and triggers into a working state in the cMud client which was the replacement to the old zMud client I used to use way back in the day. Everything was going great and then the one month free trial for cMud expired. Ok, well, it was working for me and I wanted to keep playing Aardwolf so I figured I'd pony up the $30.

Unfortunately it would seem Zugg is only partially supporting the products now and their store doesn't work properly. It kept rejecting my credit card because of an incorrect address or something of the sort despite the fact that I use it everywhere else with the same info. I emailed them about it and after a week they got back to me basically saying they have fraud issues so they dialed up their security and it's probably something like the bank thinks I live on Yonge Street and I'm entering it as Yonge St or something like that. More likely I just don't know the right format for entering my apartment number.

They didn't have a solution and didn't offer to try to do anything like send me a bill or anything to get the sale. They suggested trying Paypal instead but I don't think I have one of those and it would probably just run into the same issue anyway.

It's a shame that I've stopped playing Aardwolf because a different company has a shoddy webstore. Oh well. Plenty of other games for me to play I guess! I do miss global quests though...

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