Thursday, December 19, 2013


Antichamber recently had Steam cards added which meant it was high time I gave that game another spin. I'd played it for a brief period of time when it first came out and then sadly forgot about it. It's a very weird puzzle game built out of the Unreal first person shooter engine. My mother said it reminded her of Portal, which is rather true. A crazier Portal!

The game is about figuring out what's going on in the weird ways the rooms of the game connect and trying to figure out how to use the weapons you find in ways to solve puzzles. There's a timer which was counting down from an hour and a half. It hit 0 several hours ago and I don't know that it did anything. My best guess is it's just there as a time trial challenge thing so once you've figured out how to beat the game you have something to strive towards.

I find the controls to be a little annoying. A good chunk of the game involves playing cubes into a 3 dimensional space and I have a hard time making it put them where I want them to go. It also feels like this is a game that should have controller support (since it's essentially a first person shooter) but it doesn't and that makes me sad.

Despite that it's still a reasonably fun game. I may well try to finish it off later this week. I may just end up not returning to it. I got my cards, anyway!

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