Monday, April 01, 2013


The playoffs are set to start in the Blood Bowl league and I managed the third seed in my group. This means I'm up against the second seed of the other group, Mike Turian's Norse team. I'm playing Dwarves, which means we both have block on pretty much the entire team and then a ton of other skills on top of that. My team is mostly guard as the add-ons, and Mike is more of a mix though he does have 4 guard of his own. He also has a guy with mighty blow and piling on which is scary. At least he doesn't have claw! His Yeti does, though, and also has mighty blow. It's a little worrisome.

As far as TV goes I'm currently sitting 20k above him, which would be no inducements of note. That's a pretty good spot to be, but my team still has an unskilled Deathroller. Norse seem like they may well have the potential to score quick and get the Deathroller off the field, but it's by no means guaranteed and that might be the way to win? On the other hand I feel like the claw and mighty blow is apt to take out a guy or two in the first half, so taking out a guy of my own means I'm going to be short handed in the second half. And if my games on FumBBL have been teaching me anything it's how much I hate actually blocking with a guy who has loner and doesn't have block. I think even if TV wasn't a thing I wouldn't want to keep him. Firing him does drop me down to 12 dudes, and that may be too few. What are my options?

I could spend the 140k of inducement money on things. Bloodwiser babes are awesome, but when my whole team has thick skull they aren't nearly as good. (Thick skull negates 56% of the KOs.) More likely I'd be running 3 agility potions. This play would be safe from the 'add treasury money to drug test' gambit because giving me any extra money at all gives me a wizard.

I could buy more dudes. Dwarves are really tough, so against a team like elves I think 12 guys may even be too many. But my game against Chaos to start the league saw many of guys get casualtied and I really worry the mighty blow and piling on and claw will work wonders against me. 70k per extra dude means I could either get 1 dude and an agility potion or 2 dudes. The advantage of 2 dudes is I can potentially foul the piling on guy without dropping too far down in dudes if I get kicked out. And it has the nice aesthetics in that it ties our two TVs up exactly. I think that's going to be my plan.

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