Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lounge Day 2013 Games Played

Friday was Lounge Day which meant lots of games to play. In particular, these are the games I played...

DC Comics Deck Building Game x2
Tzol'kin the Mayan Calendar
Bridge (including back to back 5 spades doubled contracts making! I'll wait for my cheque in the mail, Byung!)
Quarriors x5
Tally Ho!

I heard a few people complaining this year about how the couches were worse than what we had back in the day. Playing games in couches on low tables was hurting people's backs, and it was hurting mine too. But I don't think it was the couches at all. Instead I think it's us getting old. My body can't handle all the bending over that playing on a coffee table entails now. Heck, one of the games I went and sat down cross legged on the floor in order to get the table at a quasi-reasonable height.

Also on the topic of being old... Actually seeing University age people is a shocking reminder of just how young they look, and by extension, just how old the people I do see on a regular basis are.

There were also too many kids around. Boo kids! Boo! People who have kids are old.

I ate out twice in Waterloo and don't seem to have gotten sick from either place. Yay! The server at Mel's knew about gluten allergies and knew enough to say the homefries weren't going to kill me. They weren't very good regardless, but they were still edible. The poor girl at Sunshine's, on the other hand, didn't seem to understand what the word 'wheat' meant. Or vegetable, for that matter. I'm not very comfortable talking to people in general so spending a couple minutes trying to explain what I wanted to eat was very taxing. Eventually I became convinced that the chicken fried rice probably wasn't made with soya sauce, and risked it. I asked for no vegetables, but when that got a blank stare I fell back to just no onions. I can pick around peas and carrots if I have to, but onion flavour is pervasive!

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