Friday, April 12, 2013

Through The Ages: Wonder Choice

The most recent wave of games just started in the 2 player TTA league. In one of the games I was going first with the opening card row featuring Pyramids, Hanging Guardens, and Moses. Neither Caesar nor Aristotle were visible further down the card row. Pyramids and Moses were both going to fall off before my first turn if neither player took them. What is the right play?

I can take Moses, letting my opponent have Hanging Gardens and a yellow action card worth a rock. Pyramids will fall off, meaning I don't get a good age A wonder. If either Aristotle or Caesar show up then my opponent will get the better leader and the better wonder, which feels like it's pretty bad for me. Alternatively I can take one of the wonders, letting him have Moses and the other wonder. This way I should end up with the best wonder, and I get the better leader too if either Aristotle or Caesar show up.

I decided to go the second route, and took Hanging Gardens. My opponent took Moses and Pyramids. Caesar did show up, so I'm pretty happy with the result.

But I'm not terrible good at the game. Is my evaluation here correct? Is Hanging Gardens better than Pyramids? Are Ceasar and Aristotle better than Moses? Does anything change when you consider this is a 2 player game instead of a 3 or 4 player game? My feeling is Caesar is the best age A card period, with Hanging Gardens definitely the best age A wonder regardless of number of players, but I'd like to hear other opinions and why so I can potentially learn new tips!

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Robb said...

I think hg is the best age a wonder given a 3 or4 player game... I haven't played really played 2s, but my understanding is military is king, so its possible that pyramids bootstrap military more? I'm not convinced that I value Cesar as highly as you do... He devalues warfare, which I like to pick up.