Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wheel of Chaos Draw

The FumBBL Wheel of Chaos draw happened today. I ended up signing up for the horns qualifier, despite it being the reward I wanted 3rd most. I assigned it one slot on a d6 and that's what I rolled. Go chaos!

I don't really have a good way to dig into things, but here's what things look like:

Very Long Legs - 8 people made the main event, 16 into the secondary one. It looks like 13 teams didn't get in, with the highest such team 1630 TV. 1950 was the lowest TV in the main event.

Two Heads - 16 teams in the main event, only 15 in the secondary one. Because they only got 31 signups. 1900 was the lowest TV in the main event.

Extra Arms - 8 teams in the main event, only 14 in the secondary one, so I guess this one only had 22 total teams sign up. 1720 TV is the lowest in the main event.

Horns - 16 in the main event, 16 in the secondary one. It doesn't look like anyone missed out, so either I can't read the webpage right or exactly 32 teams signed up. 1950 is the lowest TV in the main event.

It looks like most of the teams in every main event are either Nurgle or Chaos. I wonder if that's because the killer teams are actually really good, or if that's just what people play in the box.

It looks like the signups were 37, 32, 31, and 22. It looks like my guesses as to which team was the underentered one Duncan commented about yesterday were right. Extra Arms, the one mutation every team should want, didn't get nearly enough people. I would have made the main event cut there, even with only 8 teams getting in. I assumed more people would heed the post of the organizer warning that there was a really underentered event. But even if I didn't think that, the spirit of chaos would have demanded I roll dice!

At any rate, I am up against a 1900TV undead team. He has one guy with piling on and a very leveled mummy. He only has 3 guys with 3 agility. It feels like he's not really a good scoring team or a good killing team. The team has only won 43% of their non-draw games. My TV is 1830, and I will probably throw in 100k in order to get two bloodwiser babes. Now, 2 of my 4 best players died recently so I don't think I'm in a great way, but I hope to at least have some play. Better than playing one of the 2200TV Nurgle teams full of killers, anyway!

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