Monday, April 15, 2013

Blood Bowl: Death!

I played my first round game in the Wheel of Chaos today. The game went to overtime with me way down in men. I had 8, he still had 11. He won the coin toss, so I didn't really have a lot of options. I decided to set up for a blitz. I stacked my kick-off team in one corner, aimed the kick right near the line... Blitz! Yaus! My thrower with 5 levels ran under the ball. I tried to give him some back-up, but couldn't really do it. I needed my opponent to roll poorly on his blitz (my thrower had block, so he only had 2 die faces to knock me down) and went for it. My guy caught the ball. He hit my guy, knocked him down, and killed him. My best player, dead. I'd previously used my apothecary, on my thrower, when he'd suffered a -AV injury.

I'm not happy that he's dead, but I'm not too sad either. I used him in an attempt to win a game, and he died valiantly in the line of duty. And now I get to level up a new thrower! That's a good thing, right? The only problem is going to be coming up with a name to follow up Rich "Uncle" Pennybags. Maybe I'll just cheat and go with Mr Monopoly and reuse the image.

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