Friday, April 26, 2013

Final Fantasy VIII: Addicted To Cards

My characters just got launched into space by a giant rail gun. Rinoa has been in a coma for a while and there are some doctors up here who might be able to help. Squall has been getting progressively pissier and pissier about the whole situation, and he's been snapping at the doctors. He's yelling at people to hurry up and get to work. Logically, I should run out of the room and try to find the head doctor to come look at Rinoa. Instead I turn to the assistant guarding the room and challenge him to a game of cards! Actually, more like 7 games of cards. He might have a rare card I can win, so I need to give him plenty of time to use it!

Lino asked me the other day if I knew of any stand alone games similar to the card game in FFVIII. He's tired of having to deal with all the annoying RPG parts of his CCG. I really like the RPG parts too, but the CCG is really quite good. I didn't know of one for him (Tetra Master, which came packaged with FFXI, has apparently been closed down) but if one does exist I am interested in finding out about it.

So... Does anyone know of any good positional CCG style computer games? Preferably without a 'pay a ton of money' feature.

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