Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Sanctum TD

My brother linked me to a tower defense game, with Steam cards, on sale for 49 cents. I like tower defense games, and I like Steam cards, and for some reason I prefer spending 49 cents on a game than playing one that's free so I was all in on this bad boy. It looked like the game was on sale so cheap because the company had just come out with a new game in the same universe and was using this as a cheap source of advertising? I'll take it!

The game started off being a pretty interesting looking tower defense game. It is a mazer style game with the twist that you can slightly alter the mazing by building walls in very specific spots. After playing with it a bit though it basically just boiled down to a tax on your starting cash as you built in the required bits to build the maze.

I was having fun with the game, but then it crashed. Ok, one crash is fine. Then it crashed again. Annoying, but both times was in the menu so I just had to restart the game. It then crashed a third time in the middle of a level, costing me some time, and just made me really bitter. A little over an hour had passed, I had my 3 Steam cards, and it had crashed three times. It wasn't that interesting of a tower defense game that I wanted to put up with more crashes so I gave up.

That said... 49 cents for an hour of entertainment, 3 Steam cards, and a chance at a good game? No regrets.

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Caspur said...

I've got 16 hours into it and I only crashed once (in the world map not a game).
I'm going to try to get 100% of the achievements in it. I haven't done that in any steam game yet and I'm close on this one.
I'd recommend trying again in full screen mode (alt-enter). It seams to run a little better that way maybe?
It's definitely a buggy game, but so cheap.