Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Last weekend seemed to be the weekend for tower defense games with Steam cards to go on sale. Lino told me about this one and even though it was three times as much as the last one it was still less than a bottle of pop so it had to be worth a try...

Defender's Quest has the twist that you don't have access to a limited number tower types. There are only six types of towers but each type of tower is a class of adventurer. Archer, healer, mage... That sort of thing. Each character has a level, and gear, and a talent tree. You can use two archers if you want, but you need to buy a second one and they will each need their own gear and have their own levels. You can spec them differently, which is interesting. I had one archer who put all her points into having a bigger range so she could attack more enemy paths. My other archer put all her points into doing more burst damage with crits and poison so she was better at actually killing things but got to attack fewer things. I had one mage who focused on freezing enemies and one who focused on doing massive area damage.

The game has a plot that isn't terrible and it has character interaction that I found hilarious. The berserker is awesome! I also like how the main character is female and super powerful. The first tutorial mission made her seem like just another damsel in distress for the berserker to protect but I was glad it didn't pan out that way. The goal of every level is still to keep the enemies from reaching her, but she is in complete control of everything your team does. She's the 'king' of the chess board, if you will. A 'king' with immense power!

I ended up beating the game today with 13 hours played since the weekend. This game was definitely worth picking up. It also has some hard mode achievements that I'd like to try out, so I'm going to keep playing it too. One class of achievement is to beat the game with only one of each character type which will make things a lot harder than my first playthrough where I was able to use 4 archers for damage and had extra healers so I could cover all of my towers. Being restricted to one little area or having to sell and rebuy my healer to move him around will definitely make things more interesting.

Each level has three different difficulties to play it on so there's a bit of replayability there since you can come back and do a level over for more rewards as your towers level up. You can also change how fast you earn experience in wins and in losses if you want to scale up or down how fast you level up. My first play I got to the point where I could do the hardest version of each story level as I reached it but I suspect a lot of that was having 4 archers since my characters were way under the level of the enemies. Or maybe the two levels aren't comparable in that way?

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