Thursday, January 30, 2014

Insane in the Membrane

Here's something to think about... Come up with some adjectives that describe games you want to play. For me I think that list should include things like interesting, fun, awesome, and challenging. I feel like I should want to have a good time and flex my brain. Games like Alan Wake with an incredible story, or playing Final Fantasy with a single thief and needing to dig into the mechanics to figure out how to do it, or DMC which is just a lot of awesome mindless killing. Path of Exile has so many different crazy and viable builds to try out. Final Fantasy VIII with the fantastic music and plot.

Things that feel like they really shouldn't be on that list are boring, tedious, repetitive, and trivial. Those feel like things that shouldn't be part of games? And yet if I think back to the Insane in the Membrane achievement in World of Warcraft I can't think of ways to describe it other than those. Read a very small strat on how to get each of the reputations which typically involved going to one zone and killing the same monsters over and over again for hours every day for months on end. There was nothing interesting to figure out. Nothing really changed, though I guess there were a bunch of different reputations to get so it changed a little from week to week.

It took me about six months to get, though it wasn't the only thing I was doing in WoW at the time since we were raiding several nights a week as well. It also made me a fortune since one of the reputations required inscription to get the Darkmoon Faire reputation and I parlayed that into a lot of glyph and card related cash.

And I really liked doing it. Being able to just put on some music and zone out doing the same thing over and over again was actually really relaxing and enjoyable. So while I feel like I should want interesting, fun, awesome, and challenging sometimes I just want to be able to go onto auto pilot doing something completely trivial. It helps if there's an achievement for doing so, I guess!

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