Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Path of Exile: Revisiting Challenges

I started playing Path of Exile again now that my sleep schedule has me awake during the evenings when other people are playing. It's been a month and a half since I last really looked at my challenge progress and there's only a little over a month left to get everything done if I want that t-shirt. So it's time to look again to see if this is still viable and if I want to really bear down and enter crunch time...

I ran a scion in the week long race and got a lot of stuff done there. I cleared out the last rare monster I needed to kill, I killed the last nemesis mod I was looking for, and I hit level 65 with the scion class. So I now have 3 of the 8 challenges finished up! Vendor recipes and currency item usage still looks trivial though I need to actually buy an eternal and an exalted because neither have dropped for me. That said there's no way either of these will be the sticking point. If I need them, I have them.

I also spent some time recently leveling new characters and now have 4 classes up to 65. I have a 48 templar (who really sucks, but maybe I can find a new build or get dragged or something), a 21 marauder (who is too low to really suck but probably does), and a 44 hardcore duelist who actually looks to have a good build but I'd have to worry about dying before I hit 65. I can get these done for sure, but it'll probably be a week of my remaining time to do so.

That leaves the two tricky ones. Kill all the bosses, and get all the unique items. I've killed 13 bosses in a month and a half and still have 22 more to go. We actually successfully ran a 76 map last night which gives me some hope that we're powerful enough with existing characters to kill all the map bosses. That leaves the 3 rogue exiles I haven't killed yet, which is a bit of a problem. Apparently they're very rare and incredibly powerful. I don't actually have any really powerful characters (maybe my race scion) and I'm worried that if I do hit the lottery and have one of them spawn I'll fail to kill them

The last one is to collect all the uniques. I've only found 7 since I last posted and there are 37 still to go. But I still don't have any of the really valuable ones. I learned more about the trading system in the race as I bought and sold some stuff but I don't know that I know enough about the value of high end items to actually make enough to buy what I need. If I'm going to get this challenge done I'm going to have to dive into this sometime over the next couple weeks. I will not be completing things on my own, that much is certain.

I'm not giving up yet! But it's starting to look a little bleak.

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