Tuesday, December 18, 2012

World of Warcraft Recap

My brother recently commented on an old post about challenge mode dungeons in World of Warcraft. How are we fairing, is there room for him, etc... Unfortunately it turned out that we didn't really get up to the critical mass required in order to really work at them. We had 5 people in guild who were interested in running them and 1 person out of guild. One of those 5 people had the gall to have a baby shortly after Mists launched which took him out of commission after a few challenge runs. At that point we were down to needing all 5 people to show up at the same time, when the out of guild person wasn't raiding. We tried scheduling specific times to get together but at least one person would end up missing out. Personally I'd gotten burned out trying to get the realm first pandaren ambassador achievement (eventually I spent a weekend playing boardgames with Sara and Duncan, realized I was having way more fun not grinding dailies, and gave up) and stopped logging in except to check on challenge dungeon scheduled times.

I logged in today to check on things and we do still have the realm record in Siege of Niuzao Temple which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the state of challenge modes on Vek.

At any rate, I definitely had fun when the expansion first launched and I put in a fair amount of time playing the game. But as far as sustainable fun I needed there to be more people playing. With 2 or 3 more people interested in running challenge modes I feel like we'd have had several runs a week and would have something interesting to work at. Grinding dailies, not so interesting, especially when I have no reason to want the rewards from doing so. I went in and cancelled my account today but it still has a lot of time left on it. Maybe I'll play around with Pokemon some more at some point but right now I'd rather play Blood Bowl with 1 other person or League of Legends with 2-4 other people.

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