Thursday, December 27, 2012

Final Fantasy VII: More Awesome Cutscenes

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I didn't recall ever being terribly impressed with the FMV scenes in Final Fantasy VII in previous plays. Be it some function of playing it after FFVIII, or playing it after FFX, or initially playing it on a really old CRT tv I just never got what other people would get excited about. But man, playing it on the PSP has been pretty awesome. The screen resolution is apparently only 480x272 and a whopping 4.3 inches but the videos come out without any pixelation or anything.

I just watched a couple FMVs in sequence near the end of disk 2 which were pretty amazing. The music in the second one was really great at setting the mood, too. They're so good I wanted to share them here, though it turned out when finding them on youtube that the picture quality isn't quite as impressive. But still pretty great and worth watching.

For those who may not have played the game, and who don't mind spoilers from a 16 year old game, or who may just need a refresher...

There are 4 main groups in the game. My party is a group of eco-terrorists trying to save the planet from a corporation (Shinra) which is making a profit by mining the life force out of the planet. Sephiroth is an alien zombie thing which is trying to merge himself with the life force of the planet in an attempt to become super powerful. In order to do that he's summoned a giant meteor to plow into the planet which the intention of making the planet gather a ton of life force in one spot to heal the wound. Shinra is fighting Sephiroth because his plan will wipe them out. We're fighting both of them because they're both killing the planet. The fourth group is the planet itself which has summoned up some ancient robot weapon things to defend itself from Shinra and Sephiroth. But it's not really sentient so it doesn't know we're trying to help it out so we end up having to fight these weapons too.

This scene comes about right after my party wounded Diamond Weapon, the giant robot thing that was trying to destroy the Shinra capital. Meanwhile the Shinra people have cobbled together a huge weapon and intend to shoot Sephiroth with it...

We head off to check out Sephiroth now that his big shield thing got blasted away when we get some bad news... With the Shinra president dead his underlings have started to do crazy things. One of them has decided to help Sephiroth out by shooting more lifeforce at him from the cannon which hasn't had time to cool down. It's going to overload and blow up the city killing a ton of people. We want to go in and stop this from happening but another underling would rather let Hojo destroy the city and kill us himself than let us through. So we've got our work cut out for us getting in... The result? We're going to parachute in! (This video is longer than just the parachute bit, I couldn't find a good video with just the jump lead-in.)

I don't really understand how either Red XIII or Cait Sith can use a parachute, but whatever. Suspension of disbelief!

These videos are one thing that really makes FFVII stand out from the rest of the games I've played thus far.

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