Thursday, December 06, 2012

League of Legends: Tribunal Revamp

I was doing some digging after reading about the pro ban I posted about yesterday and discovered the tribunal system actually underwent some big changes a couple months ago. I like the idea of the tribunal but really only did it a couple of times. I got a total of 105 IP out of it, which really isn't very much at all. One game's worth, pretty much. It was better than nothing, but it clearly didn't motivate me to keep doing it.

Well, two months ago they took the IP away from helping out in the tribunal. No tangible reward at all from doing it. In exchange they added in two new features. The first is a tribunal rating system where you earn points for getting cases correct but the points don't do anything except raise your tribunal rating. The second is the system actually tells you the specific outcomes of every case you review. This seems really game changing. One of my laments when I was doing this 11 months ago was that I found out how many cases I got 'right' but not how many I'd tried or how I got things 'wrong'. Now I can see how other people voted so I can see what is actually getting punished and what is getting pardoned. I like visibility!

I did 20 cases today and actually already have a result for one of them. I voted to punish, and that was the end result. It turns out this guy was a repeat offender and was due for a 7 day ban. Which went out automatically less than an hour after I voted. Sweet! So now I have a tribunal rating of 1210 and I have a 'toxic days prevented' stat of 7. It also no longer gives user names so I can't go harass this guy about banning him if I wanted to. That seems like a good change too. I don't need to know who the terrible person is, I just need to know that my punish vote helped hit someone bad with a 7 day ban. This guy in particular was obviously playing in low level games and was pretty vile to his teammates so I'm pretty glad he's out for a week. 

The question I guess is will giving me some arbitrary numbers to raise and some actual result feedback keep me doing this more than the IP reward did? I think it might...


Sky said...

I wonder how many LoL players really just like being on tribunals and do that all day instead of playing the game. Seems like you might get a lot of those. I like that LoL can turn those people into a force for good!

Nick Page said...

Unfortunately you can only do 20 cases per day. I do think there are people who hit their 20 every day to power up their tribunal rating though.