Monday, December 31, 2012

The Amazing Race: Canada

I was watching the final game of the NFL regular season on tv last night when a very interesting commercial came on. It would seem that after 12 years and 21 seasons on US tv the reality show The Amazing Race is finally coming to Canada. They're changing things up by containing the entire thing within Canada itself and not traveling all over the world. I would imagine the primary reason for doing this is to keep costs down but I figure Canada is a pretty good country for traveling around in given how big it is and how many diverse climates exist.

Applications are now up on the CTV website. From the reading I've done it looks like any Canadian (or permanent resident) who is over 19 years old is eligible. Since it's all within Canada you don't need a passport. You need to be willing to block off a month this spring (you need to be 19 by April 1st so I'd guess it starts after that date). You need to be physically and mentally fit enough to race around the country and do all kinds of crazy things. You need to submit an application by the end of February. Oh, and you need a teammate.

It seems like you're allowed to submit as many different teams as you want, though the FAQ is certainly worded in such a way as to make it seem like doing so won't really help your chances. They want the show to be about relationships and racing so they want interesting teams. Now, I must confess that despite really liking the show the few times I watched it I never really went out of my way to find out when it was on. So I don't know if awkward smart guy with an awful lot of quirks is something that they'd find interesting enough. But I do know I want to give this a try if at all possible.

So... Anyone want to bugger off work for a month and go on a cross country adventure? I'd say the odds of getting on are pretty slim but we should be able to figure out some way to game the system! The prize is still unknown but is undoubtedly a reasonable chunk of cash. Oh, and a chance to be awesome. Who doesn't want to be awesome?


Sky Roy said...

I want to be awesome!

But the small child thing is a bit of an issue. Otherwise we could apply as Team Geek and see how we do.

Nick Page said...

Oh, I'm sure Wendy could take care of her for 4 tiny weeks...

Caspur said...

I'm in. Team page brothers can win this thing!