Thursday, December 20, 2012

Upcoming EdX Courses

Back at the start of this year I posted about the free debut online course from MitX: Electrical Engineering. I started in on it, got bogged down a bit, and ultimately stopped paying attention to it. The bottom line was that while I found it interesting enough it didn't really seem to be going anywhere useful for me. I didn't really have the prereq knowledge and ended up in a position where I'd need to do a lot of catch-up work in order to keep up with stuff I didn't really care about. And I'd have rather played League of Legends anyway.

Regardless of how I did it seems the trial course actually worked out well for them. So much so that more US Universities have joined in and formed a coalition of sorts: edX. I'd stopped paying attention, though I believe they've run at least one semester since the trial. It looks like this coming online semester will at least have courses from MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. I just got an email (presumably harvested from the EE course I started) urging me to check out these courses and to spread the word about them.

Well, while EE was only a minor interest of mine there are actually two courses this time around that I'm really interested in. Heck, reading my old post I even wrote that the sort of courses I would want to take started with 'statistical modeling and quantum physics'. Well, the courses this time around include an intro stats course and an intro quantum computing course. I feel like I'm probably beyond an intro course in either subject but it has been many years since I was a student myself so it can't hurt. And hopefully this time around the topics are interesting enough to actually prompt me into finishing the courses!

At any rate, it's a free service and all they asked in return was to tell my friends about the course offerings. Well, considering yourselves told. And if you happen to have an interest in stats or quantum physics we can be online classmates! Woo?

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