Tuesday, December 04, 2012

League of Legends: Super Patch!

The long anticipated preseason 3 patch has finally gone live. There are tons of changes in this patch. The mastery trees are changing. The runes are getting some tweaks based on item budgets changing for armour and spell penetrations. Items are getting a complete overhaul with some old items going away and a lot of new ones coming out. The jungle is being altered to be harder, less AE intensive, and worth more. The rewards for killing other players are being tweaked. Pretty much every aspect of the game is getting changed in one way or another and it's almost like it's a brand new game... The perfect time for some of you slackers to get started!

One thing that isn't really changing at all is the champions and their abilities. This concerns me a little since with all the other changes coming in I have to think some champions are just going to be too good and others are going to be a lot worse than they used to be. The test servers probably weren't a good enough place to find this stuff out and we probably need the patch to be live for a while with people being abusive before the champions get altered. I guess this is why this is the preseason patch and not the season launch patch, eh?

The patch is downloading now and I'm going to likely spend the whole night playing around with the new stuff. Assuming the servers are actually working, anyway... I've lived through too many online game patches to actually expect anything to work today. But I sure want it to work!

I'm especially curious to see how the new boot enchant which speeds up nearby minions will work... Does it provide enough of a speed buff to allow you to force your lane into the enemy turret in the early-mid game?

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