Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Final Fantasy VII: Curse Ring

I just stumbled across an item in Final Fantasy VII called the curse ring. I'd been working on turning the cursed shield in Final Fantasy VI into the paladin shield but didn't quite get it done. So I was wondering if this item would work the same way and, if so, if I should be working to uncurse it. It turns out to not be something you can uncurse. Instead it's an accessory that adds a massive amount to all stats but inflicts you with death sentence at the start of every fight.

Fortunately it seems there are a few ways to deal with death sentence. I guess the easiest is to just win the fight before it kills you which is great for random encounters but not so much for boss fights. Then you could always just die and cast life on the person in a long fight but that seems dangerous and costs you your limit meter. Apparently there's a blue magic spell 'death force' that makes you immune to death for the rest of the fight. I haven't learned that (I haven't learned very much at all in fact) but it could be useful. Finally you can use the 'added effect' materia and Odin/destruct in armour to give the person immunity to death permanently. That seems like the best way to go, but I don't think I've picked up an added effect materia at this point. Where would I find one of those?

Turns out it can only be found in the cave of gi way back in cosmo canyon. Huh. I wonder if I can still get in there to pick up the treasure I somehow missed the first time around. I did just get the airship so I guess it's easy enough to find out! Definitely my goal for the bus tomorrow morning!

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