Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WBC Team Challenge

Each year at the World Boardgaming Championships they run a team tournament. You sign up with a group of 4 people and each of you picks a different game as your team game for the year. If you manage to finish in the top 6 in your chosen game your team earns some points. Top team gets immortalized for all time!

Tacked on to the team tournament is a 'pick the winners' sweepstakes. Pick the 10 teams from the list of 86 that you think will finish in the top 10. Entrant with the most correct teams wins free entry to the next year's WBC. Last year Bruno won the sweepstakes on the back of picking my team! We came 9th for him! Well, mostly Jason came 9th for him with a win in Through The Ages.

Last year we were the 31st rated team with 78-1 odds to win the whole thing. This year we've tumbled to 35th on the list but dropped out odds down to 73-1. I feel like we're horribly underrated! Jason won his event 2 of the 4 years it's existed and is top of the laurel list for it. I've come third in my event both years it's existed and am second on the laurel list. Sure, Robb and Pounder have switched games again (Robb to a game that debuted last year and Pounder to one that is new this year) but they're good at their new choices, honest! Of course I've always felt like we're underrated and it's not like we've won yet so maybe I'm just being crazy. I do have high hopes for cracking the top 10 again this year. Pick us (Tell Me The Odds) on your sweepstakes ballot, you won't be sorry! 

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