Friday, July 27, 2012

Departing For WBC

I will be leaving this evening on the first leg of my trip to the World Boardgaming Championships. In an attempt to avoid brutal traffic on the way from Waterloo to Lancaster we're going to be leaving earlier in the morning and we're going to cut the side-trip to Toronto out entirely. Pounder is going to pick me up tonight instead of on the way tomorrow morning and I'll be crashing in his basement. Then we'll leave bright and early in the morning and hopefully get in to Lancaster before midnight this year!

As far as blogging goes I have scheduled the SNES and Star Trek posts so they should go up automatically. The internet in the hotel last year was terrible and I imagine it's only going to be worse this year so I'm not confident about getting posts up here in a timely fashion. I'll do what I can with WBC summaries as the week goes on and will have a couple extra posts scheduled up just in case I happen to go a day without internet access. And if I end up dropping the ball I imagine it won't be the end of the world for anyone but me.

I'm leaning towards trying to fit in a game of Titan this year. Maybe I'll even give the 2 player event another spin to try to get it back into the century! I've been feeling pretty mediocre physically so maybe I'll just sleep in a bunch? I guess we'll see what ends up being sacrificed in the early morning slots.


Robb said...

Don't forget your passport. Or your power adapter.

Tom said...