Friday, July 13, 2012

Toronto League of Legends LAN Event

I did some poking around today in an attempt to find some sort of organized league thing for League of Legends. There was a reasonable response to my post about playing in the MLG event (and I suspect with more notice we would have gone and gotten stomped) so I wanted to find something else maybe a little closer to our skill level. I may have done just that, but unfortunately the notice is about the same as last time!

It turns out there's a LoL LAN event being held at Yonge/Wellesley tomorrow (Saturday the 14th) at noon. This event is the second of two qualifiers that the e-Sports Championship is putting on to lead into their $15k final event. I gotta say, a $15k local event was not something I was expecting to run into when I went searching today!

They got 5 teams out to the first event and are shooting for 8 teams this time around. Apparently Riot is kicking in a lot of RP to the top 4 teams if they manage to get 8 teams to show up. $100 a team with half the money going into the prize pool. I imagine the other half is to pay for the venue, to fund the finals, and to make them some money which seems reasonable to me. Especially with the stuff Riot is kicking in.

The replays from the first event are actually up on youtube so I thought I'd take a look and see what sort of ratings the people who played in this event had. The winners seem to have mostly changed their names but I found two that still existed and they were in the 1800-1900 range. I checked out the team they stomped in the first round and they were entirely unrated. (If your rating is below 1250 it doesn't get listed at all.) My rating is 1364, Robb's is 1380, Ian's is 1318, and the rest of the people I team with are sub-1250.

What does this mean? Well, assuming the ratings mean something I expect Mathletes would get dominated by the team that ended up winning but we'd actually have a good chance of beating the first team they played. At the very least I'd expect we'd have a chance! (I looked up the other first round and match and it featured a team with a 1700 vs a team with a 1900...) Maybe we could win the first round and get some prizes? Who knows!

So... Anyone in on super short notice, probably going to lose action?

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