Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Fantasy V: Shinryu

Friday on the way home from work I got a little bored of grinding up AP without getting XP (it turns out the final stage of the final dungeon gives tons of AP but no XP at all). So I decided to go give Shinryu a shot to see what was going on there. Nick and Lena were capped out and ready to roll (though it turns out 'magic sword' capable weapons are few and far between and I wanted 3 of them so Lena had to use a pretty mediocre weapon), Krile was only missing monk, and Feris was missing pretty much everything. I made her a bare class with white magic and 2-handed.

At any rate, Shinryu's first action was to hit my whole team for ~7400. My largest max health was 1999. This seems like a bit of a problem... Fortunately Krile was wearing an aegis shield (33% chance to block a spell) and it procced. She promptly quicked out an arise on Nick and a haste2. Shinryu seemed to either do an AE spell that one-shot my team or two melee attacks that almost killed the target. Or would cast a terrible spell for low damage. My physical avoidance was pretty high so the melee attacks weren't really a problem.

The fight progresses and it became pretty clear that only Lena was going to do relevant damage. Nick and Feris existed pretty much just to get rezzed and take hits. At one point I ended up with everyone but Krile dead, and Krile very low on mana. Mimes don't get the item ability so I couldn't even use an elixir. I barely had enough for one raise spell, so I cast that on Lena. And then she got killed and I had no mana at all. Fortunately mimes can just copy the last action (raise on Lena) so I did that. And Shinryu killed her. Repeat over and over and over. Eventually Lena survived a round with Krile at very low health. Pop off an elixir! Quick out an arise on Feris and a haste2! Stabilize and go back to the slow beatdown with Lena.

Several times Shinryu cast a spell to kill everyone, and every single time Krile blocked it with the aegis shield. Yay, 33% chance! He ended up going down like a ton of bricks on my first try. Woo!

Next up, Omega!

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Humbabella said...

Wow! I only knew of one strategy to beat Shinryu and it did not involve fighting fair.

But I also don't recall him taking any actions that weren't kill-your-entire-party.