Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Final Fantasy V Progress

I've made it into the final dungeon in Final Fantasy V and am closing in on the end of sane job builds. I say sane because they're the sort of things you'd take to beat the final boss but there are two brutal challenge bosses which likely need crazy builds.

Krile has mastered black mage, white mage, and time mage. That means as far as abilities go I'm set. She's going to turn into a mime and slot all three types of magic in as her abilities. The problem is mime gets its stats from the jobs you've mastered and those three jobs have terrible stats. I can gain 14 agility if I master thief. I can get 26 strength if I master monk. I can gain 26 vit if I master monk. I can get 2 magic power if I master summoner. Thief and monk seem reasonable so I can act faster and have more health. Currently Krile is a really terrible thief in an attempt to get that extra 14 agility.

The trick here is that I'm used to playing with 2 schools of magic available. None of my other characters were really magic users at all... In order to actually have access to haste2 and healing spells I'd need to switch someone else into a magic role at least temporarily. Both Nick and Lena are deep into their own builds but Feris was just kind of taking random things. She'd mastered monk, thief, and knight. Other than knight those actually look like magical jobs since they're the two I want to pick up on Krile... So I switched Feris to white mage and will likely follow that up with summoner and red mage.

Nick has sorcerer and samurai mastered and is very close to mastering knight. His plan is to swing a giant flare enchanted 2-handed sword while being tough. I'm considering possibly picking up ninja or hunter or both to dual-wield and attack 8 times... But his agility will be mediocre unless he gets one of ninja, hunter, or worthless thief.

Speaking of that, it's Lena's plan. She'd mastered monk, ninja, and is working on hunter. Maybe she'll pick up sorcerer to also swing with a flare enchanted weapon?

As far as challenge bosses go I stumbled into Omega today. Good thing there's a save point right before him! His first action, before I got to go, was to hit everyone in my party for more than their maximum health. Guess I have some work to do before I can think about brawling him!

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