Monday, July 23, 2012

Final Fantasy VI: Version?

The next game in my marathon will be the final SNES era Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy VI. I've been looking forward to this game in particular since the start of the marathon. I'm pretty sure it's my second most played Final Fantasy game (after FFIV). The first thing I need to decide is which version of the game I'm going to play. Here are the different options:

Super Famicom
pros - The original uncensored version. I haven't played a game in Japanese yet in this marathon and it feels like maybe I should at some point.
cons - I don't speak Japanese. I don't know that I want to burn my playthrough of FFVI by spending the whole time trying to translate katakana though.

Super Nintendo
pros - The only version I've ever played and it's awesome. I can play it on the big tv.
cons - None. It's awesome

pros - I'd get it on the PSP so I'd be able to play it on the bus. A lot of the censorship was removed. A FMV for the opera scene was added. They added in a run button so you don't need to waste an accessory slot on sprint shoes. Perhaps most importantly, I can potentially play it at WBC during downtime/on the ride?
cons - This version has annoying load times before every battle. Supposedly the sound quality is worse. I don't currently own it.

Gameboy Advance
pros - Bonus dungeons added in, extra espers to obtain, different translation.
cons - Worse music. I don't own it, a console that could play it, and have no easy way to fix those problems. Also I'm not sure it's right to play a version with all kinds of bonuses.

I'm leaning towards playing on the SNES, but I think if I do that I should probably wait until after I get back from WBC before I start so I don't get into the game and then have to drop it for 10 days. On the other hand I did really like being able to play FFV on the bus and it suffered from the same annoying load times. It wasn't the end of the world there. And I am a little curious to see uncensored Siren... Oh my!

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