Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Final Fantasy XI: Crafting Away

It took some doing but I managed to figure out how to transfer my characters to Asura. (It turns out I had a second character in order to get more storage and 7 more auction house slots.) It costs $25 but you can't actually pay Square-Enix the money directly. You can either use Click & Buy or you can buy Crysta via some other third party payment system. Click & Buy is apparently a scamming network (they keep charging your credit card for all kinds of miscellaneous fees with the hope that you don't notice) so I jumped through a ton of hoops, bought Crysta and got my transfer on.

It turns out when I'd last quit I was in the middle of crafting stuff. My inventory was completely full of random stuff. What was I going to use it for? I decided the best course of action would be to just start leveling my crafting skills. I've picked up 24 levels in cooking and 18 levels in woodworking. I got started on gardening. I joined the cooking guild and have turned in items for points for a few days now. I'm well on my way to making sushi!

I haven't actually gone out and fought anything. I don't have any of my old macros since I'm on a new computer and I'm wary about trying to find a party without knowing anything about what I'm doing or having any buttons to push. Maybe I should start a new job fresh? Only problem there is I don't have any jobs at level 1 so I'd need to unlock one. Eh, I'll figure something out. Or I'll only craft things forever... I may run out of money though...

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