Monday, June 04, 2012

Preliminary WBC 2012 Schedule

I'm an eager beaver this year as I've already managed to massage the WBC event schedules into my spreadsheet format and have built out a preliminary plan for this coming year. Considering that in 2010 I barely got my plan done as we were heading out the door and that in 2011 I was less than a week early. Now I've got almost 2 whole months to second guess myself and make changes!

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I didn't schedule a single demo this time around. It didn't feel like there were many new games added this year. I'll go through the event previews again closer to the event and maybe something will jump out at me but as things stand I didn't really see anything I wanted to learn.

I took a step back this year and only scheduled 4 finals! Last year I scheduled 5 finals and managed to make 2 of them. Two years ago I scheduled 4 and only made 1. Scheduling finals is certainly a crap shoot for me!

Once again I left Empire Builder off the table. This makes me very sad. I remain tempted to make it my team game in order to force myself to slot it in.

Ir turns out that on top of my annoying Monday scheduling problems with San Juan, Through The Ages, and A Few Acres of Snow it's also when Innovation kicks off. And Vegas Showdown. I think my solution to the problem is going to involve skipping San Juan entirely and hoping I get done my second TTA heat in 4 hours so I can play AFAoS mulligan round. I'm not sold on this being the best plan, though. I really want to play AFAoS because I feel like it's the sort of skill-high & luck-light game that can turn into a run of victories and I may be good enough to be the one on top? Maybe I'm just beating up on chumps when I play on Yucata though and the great players will stomp me at WBC.

That said, with the scheduling concerns I don't think I can pick either San Juan or A Few Acres of Snow as my team game this year. I'm leaning towards Le Havre again. Maybe this year I can finally beat Daniel in a 4 player game? (I doubt it, since I haven't put any practice in at all.)

This year's winner for random game that fits into all my holes and I probably will skip is a tie between St Petersburg and Ingenius. I don't know that I've ever even played Ingenius (maybe a couple times on BSW 12 years ago)?

Not a single Stone Age heat! I think they've changed the format from last year but it really made me bitter forcing me to play a second game immediately afterwards which wasn't scheduled.

I didn't put either football game on. Mostly because I can't remember which one I liked by name... That may be a thing that changes closer to the event itself when I read the previews again.

I also don't appear to be interested in eating this year. That could be a problem...

PS: DIPLOMACY! I can't imagine how waking up really early on Saturday morning after a week of staying up late eating at Waffle House could possibly go wrong.

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Robb said...

I give it until Wed at 14, for the Ingenious H2/2, until the schedule breaks (to be replaced with food). Failing that, Titan the Arena at 6 looks sketchy, and Vegas showdown at 9am the next morning probably won't make the cut.