Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final Fantasy V: True Colours

I had a thought while playing Final Fantasy V last week that really shows the way I approach games... I'd just reached the second castle after the first crystal had shattered. We were on our way to warn the king that his crystal was going to shatter as well and terrible things would happen. We show up and start talking to him and he blows out concerns off. "Just because your crystal blew up doesn't mean mine is going to! My people like the power they gain by abusing the crystal." My party tries to talk some sense into him when suddenly a meteor crashes into the ground near the tower in which they store the crystal. The ominous sense of urgency music starts playing. A guard runs in and tells the king what happened. The kings freaks out, tells all his guards to come with him, and runs off to the tower. It's clear from the music and the story that I'm expected to rush after him too. Maybe if I get there in time I can save the crystal from the meteor!

Instead I think to myself "The king and all the guards are gone? Time to ransack this place!" and run off to scour every inch of his castle for fat loots. Must get all of the stuffs! (And I thought I might be unique, but in order to get the right sound clip I found a "Let's Play" for the game at this spot and the voice over from the guy playing it also immediately mentions looting the castle after the king runs off.)

A little further on you get stuck in an exploding castle. You have 10 minutes to get out but there are tons of monster-in-a-box treasures to get. I ended up playing through 3 times on the bus this morning to make sure I got all the relevant loot (skipping some elixirs). I only would have done it twice but the game actually locked up on me after my second try. (I had learned a hard to learn blue mage spell in that run as well so I'm a little bitter the game froze.)


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