Sunday, June 03, 2012

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Music

One of the things that was mentioned a lot in reviews for Mystic Quest is how fantastic the music is. Time after time I'd see people lamenting that such a great soundtrack was stuck on such a terrible game. Now, I don't think the game is quite so terrible and it turns out I also don't think the soundtrack is so great either. I found a list of the soundtrack and could find all the songs on Youtube but I couldn't find a playlist containing just those songs. So I built one myself!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the music is bad. It's just I spend a fair amount of time listening to OST's for the other Final Fantays games and they blow this one away. Nobuo Uematsu wasn't involved in this game (presumably he was working on Final Fantasy V at the time) and maybe that's my problem. I spend so much time listening to his awesome music that it may be clouding my judgment? I don't know.

Maybe the same sort of logic applies to the music as to the game itself. I hypothesized that Mystic Quest may actually be one of the better RPGs on the SNES but that it pales so much to the core Final Fantasy games that no one can look at it objectively. It could well be the same thing with me and the soundtrack. It could be the fourth best soundtrack on the system for all I know, but it's way behind IV, V, and VI that it's hard to judge.

Here's one of my favourite songs from the soundtrack. It's the theme song for one of the allies who joins your party. He's not a thief, he's a treasure hunter! His name in the US game is Tristam, but in the Japanese game it's Lock. Hmm...

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