Friday, June 22, 2012

Ziggyny's SNES Adventure

While recently playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest I found myself thinking that perhaps it wasn't as bad, relatively speaking, as everyone makes it out to be. It certainly pales in comparison to the other Final Fantasy games on the SNES but how would it fare compared to other RPGs on the SNES. I thought the same thing about the soundtrack which I didn't think was all that great but people seem to love. Maybe my problem was that I spend my time listening to Final Fantasy music on YouTube and forget the general sound quality for your average SNES game.

I've always been oddly drawn to reading about people playing old games. In particular I've 'followed' two different blogs purporting to play through every NES game. Some of them die out after a couple of posts. One of the NES ones is already into the Ks (he's going alphabetically) which is more than 300 posts! That's a lot of terrible NES games to have played!

Personally today marks the 466th consecutive day with a blog post. Some days have come easier than others, and some posts have certainly been worse than others, but I've managed to stick to having a post up every day. A couple years ago I built up a stash of posts in advance (the bridge hand series) but since that experiment ended it's been basically day to day. Oddly enough I actually find it more difficult to get posts done on the weekend than I do during the week. Part of this is because I sleep 12 hours vs 6 hours so there's less time in the day. Part of this is I spend the ~2 hours of transit time either playing games, reading, or mentally writing blog posts. Part of this is a weekday has easy breakpoints where I can fit in writing a post (right after work, say, or right after eating). Part of this is my 'awake day' and the 'real day' sync up better during the day than they do on the weekend. Always writing things day-of also makes things tricky when it comes to going out or having people over. I need to budget in extra time in the morning or make sure I get home before midnight which is a little annoying.

I've decided to put those three things together in the form of a new blog series... I'm going to play all the SNES games and make a little post about them! Initially my thinking was to put one post up per week on Saturdays and to revive the Star Trek blog and post it on Sundays. Then I found out there were 715 games on the SNES list and realized that at one post per week it would be 14 years before I got through them all! And then I looked at how many Star Trek episodes there are and there are 726! Hmm...

At any rate, I've got a couple posts written up for this weekend and we'll see where things go from here. I'm sequestering the new posts in a new blog. I believe I've got my Facebook integration thing set up so they should appear there like a normal post. Here's hoping!


Caspur said...

I wonder how many of those 700+ games we rented.

This adventure sounds like a lot of fun.

Nick Page said...

I'd guess somewhere in the neighbourhood of 500? Well, rented/owned/borrowed from Robin.

Sthenno said...

I would love it if you revived your star trek blog. That is one of the best things I've read on the internet.