Thursday, June 07, 2012

MLG: Anaheim

Major League Gaming is holding their spring championship event this weekend with coverage starting tomorrow at 8:30 pm. I get pretty pumped about watching these events in general because of StarCraft II. It turns out this time around they're also running a huge League of Legends event. 19 teams with a $40k prize pool! They've apparently even built 5-man sound-proof booths to use in order to be able to show the games to the big crowd at the event site.

The fact the event is in Anaheim makes me happy, too. The times are PST this time around, which means the Saturday broadcast schedule is from 1pm until 4am. I'm sure for some people this is unfortunate but for me it's awesome. I get to sleep in reasonably late (probably still have to set an alarm) and then have something to watch all day long.

StarCraft II and League of Legends aren't the only games being played this weekend. They're also running events for Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Soul Calibur. I watched some of those games during the winter championship and found them to be interesting enough. They had the real advantage that the games are fairly quick and the whole match gets played out one after another. I find there's a fair amount of downtime between games of SC2 and a ton of downtime between games of LoL so having a quick thing on another channel available to switch to was pretty useful.

If anyone wants to swing by this weekend and watch some pro level video games on the big screen give me a call or shoot me a message somewhere. LoL is going to have priority but I'm sure some of all the games will get watched!


Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if they were running the games on a LoL server where we could just spectate directly, but I guess that's unlikely, as then you wouldn't have to watch them through MLG, and they wouldn't be able to show you ads.

Nick Page said...

Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if Riot eventually has their own big event held just with the online spectating feature but I doubt MLG would get involved in that way since it would dent their revenue streams.

For the record, I actually don't see ads when I watch MLG. Paying for the HD channels also removes the ads. Of course I get a lot of blank screens instead of ads, but that's when I go and watch the fighters!

Sthenno said...

I wasn't even paying attention to this coming up. I'll have to tune in for some (even though it goes past my baby-raising bedtime).

Tom said...

I'm looking forward to the KeSPA tournament, but since it ends at 3 AM I think I'll watch it at home :p