Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Final Fantasy V: Move Over, Galuf

I'm most of the way through the second world in Final Fantasy V and hit a major plot point. X-Death somehow tricked us into unsealing 4 more crystals that were holding him back. Essentially we had to do a tough boss fight (turns out when you're fighting 4 monsters with brutal low health attacks you shouldn't cast berserk on your best guy... He ends up spreading out the damage!) and then hand them over to him. X-Death is about to use the crystals to kill off the party when Krile (Galuf's granddaughter) comes to the rescue! She manages to knock X-Death out with a single spell. Then she does what all stupid good-guys do... She didn't hit him with a coup-de-grace. Instead she turned her back on him and came to help out the party. Obviously he then stood up and destroyed her. Galuf got bitter and went all Tellah on X-Death. He got dazed enough to run off with the crystals and left us alone, but Galuf died.

This seems odd. If I hadn't played the game before I'd be concerned. I've spent hours farming AP for Galuf and he's almost mastered both white mage and time mage. I don't want to start over! It turns out Krile joins your party in his place and absorbs all his accumulated xp and AP. Woo! She is slightly different in that she has different base stats. She seems to have about 8% less maximum health than Galuf did but she gets her turn a little faster. Which was a little annoying in that it changed up the turn order (from Faris, Nick, Lena, Galuf to Faris, Nick, Krile, Lena) and Galuf/Krile have the healing staff so I want to be attacking my own team with them. I once made Lena attack someone who was low by force of habit and she sure killed them. Oops!

I've also mastered my first two jobs. Lena mastered monk and Faris mastered thief. I'm not sure what to do with them now! I switched Lena to a ninja with the counter sub ability thinking that could do a lot of damage. I switched Faris to a knight with the mug ability so I can keep stealing things while being tanky. Nick remains a sorcerer and Krile is going to keep leveling white/time mages.

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